Entry Level-Carrier Sales


A shipment needs to get from East Coast to West Coast. How will it get there? That’s where you come in.

Ac Logistics Services Carrier Sales Representatives know that the journey from average to extraordinary starts with work ethic. They source and procure the carrier services that will physically move freight for our clients. Top priority is ensuring timely pick-up and delivery of customer freight while building and maintaining relationships with carriers. Masters of negotiation, they secure the best rates on a spot or transactional basis. They thrive in an ever-changing environment, taking a proactive approach in learning the pricing and capacity fluctuations in the truckload shipping market.

Dominating the board in Risk, strategy is the main game.

Getting the best deals because you aren’t afraid to negotiate.

Winning in three overtimes.

Taking very big risks and getting very big rewards, just like that time in Motor City.


As a Carrier Sales Representative you will work closely with our extensive network of carriers, as well as develop new relationships focusing on improving efficiency and managing transportation costs. You will be responsible for taking a proactive approach in mastering the pricing and capacity fluctuations in the truckload shipping market.


1-3 year(s) work or internship experience

Driven and competitive nature

Strong problem solving and decision making abilities

Quick learner who is successful at multi-tasking

Impressive negotiation skills

Team player who can also produce independent results

Must have a carrier base. That is a must.

Please send resume to andrew@aclogisticsbrokerageinc.co or dennis@aclogisticsbrokerageinc.co


One thought on “Entry Level-Carrier Sales”

  1. I may interested in your position for carrier sales or the other one. I currently run a dispatch company from home and hired someone. Looking for something to do for extra money.


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