AC Logistics Brokerage Inc.
Detroit, MI

Bio: Some info on Ac Logistics Brokerage Inc. We are not a Brokerage. In the past we were trying to open as a brokerage. That was about 4 years ago. Found out it was too hard to start up with little funds. So we put that to the back burner. We signed on with other brokerages with are team. That went some were but did not do so well with all the other large brokers out there cutting rates crazy. Around 2 years ago we help start up a brokerage. The team did that for around 6 months. After 6 months the team walked away. We could not get the funding from the owner at the time. At this time that brokerage went out. Just about 1 month after that one of the team members help another brokerage getting going. He did their web site and go things on the road. That was going fine. Tell about December 2016. When we found out that the carriers were not being paid for their loads. The pay was out 60 to 90 days. So we pulled the plug on that. The owner of Ac Logistics Brokerage Inc was a driver for over 20 years. He started off in the little vans and moved up to the big rigs. In 2011 the owner had a very bad wreck in his big rig. As of that time he is unable to drive. So he had to take a job that would pay his bills. That is not what he wanted to do. But driving was out the door. The owner has kept the company up and running. But at a slow pace. There has been no active in months. The owner has kept the company in the back burner. He is looking in to other things for the company. The name will be changing and other things will be happing to the company in the next few months.

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