Midday Trucking News

Man who allegedly attacked trucker in viral video was a CHP officer

Semi truck nearly makes it under 11’10” overpass

Three killed after SUV slams into stopped semi trailer

Watch an oblivious pedestrian step in front of a tractor trailer in the middle of the road

Out-of-control tractor trailer damages McDonald’s and Burger King parking lots at the same time


Midday Trucking News

More than 150,000 truckers set to rally against ‘excessive regulations’ organizer says

Lowe’s truck runs red light, overturns on vehicles at intersection

Summer heat causes dough to rise from truck, spill onto highway

Semi truck unable to stop for traffic leads to fatal six vehicle collision

Crews notice damaged guardrail, then find trucker’s body at bottom of river

Washington State’s new DUI law goes into effect – you can be busted completely sober

Midday Trucking News

Eight people found dead inside tractor trailer in Walmart parking lot

Volvo Trucks just set a Guinness world record for the largest ‘unboxing’ in its history

Road rager receives swift justice after climbing on tanker truck

Cell phone footage shows man in stolen big rig running over car

Congress Asks FMCSA To Reexamine ELD Mandate, Citing Costs And Unfair Burden On Small Carriers

Pennsylvania Turnpike hikes tolls again, says 27 more increases are coming

Car Driver On 100 Mph+ Joyride Through NYC Smashes Into Truck At Intersection

Law firm advises people to get run over by ‘wealthy’ trucking companies, sparks backlash

Brutal footage shows distracted driver plowing into box truck driver as he unloaded

Midday Trucking News

Trucker opens fire at Flying J after finding cheating wife in coworker’s rig

Houston-area mall to be redeveloped into truck stop

‘Bear on road’ causes truck to overturn, block I-25 onramp

Truck driver gets beating from fellow drivers for falling asleep behind wheel

Man arrested for running around Flying J naked, making terroristic threats

Navistar loses fraud lawsuit for knowingly selling defective engines, must pay $30,000,000 to trucking company

Police say truck driver who jacknifed on Interstate 74 was ‘passed out on heroin’

60 illegal immigrants discovered inside frigid trailer in South Texas

Daily Report

ELD out-of-service enforcement to begin in April, citations and fines begin on Dec. 18 deadline

Diesel prices top $2.60 mark for first time in over two years

CCJ Solutions Summit to offer sessions on improving business practices


FMCSA officials, inspectors talk carriers’ role in ELD edits and malfunctions, roadside enforcement


Historic flooding shuts down southeast Texas, trucking regs waived for emergency relief

Night Time CDL Trucking News

Truckers for Texas

OOIDA petitions FMCSA to withhold federal funding from 20 states for enforcement, including ELDs

Don Cuddeback shows how to avoid a head-on collision

Three truckers named finalists to win Kenworth in rookie driver contest

I-10 closed at Texas-Louisiana border due to Harvey flooding

Partners in Business tip: Keep your reocrds

Daily Report


Hurricane Harvey to disrupt freight flow nationwide, likely boost rates

Navistar recalling some 2018 Internationals with Cummins engines, Trail King recalling gooseneck trailers

Increased cargo theft activity expected over Labor Day weekend

Hwy Pro web portal offers dispatch, business services

Love’s opens new North Carolina, Texas locations

Late Ice Road Truckers star Darrell Ward the focal point of new season’s first episode